Tennis Essentials – Physical and Mental

Tennis Essentials – Physical and Mental

27 Giugno 2019 Off Di Tennis_player

Just like any other competitive sport, tennis is both a physical and mental game. Having the right kind of equipment that suits your style of play is not all that is required in order to play the game and succeed but it helps since having the right equipment with high quality of material and workmanship will have its benefits at any point during the game.

To enjoy the game better, always provide yourself with the suitable tennis clothes, shoes and equipment. Do not choose any equipment, especially your shoes and racquet simply because your favorite player wears them. In choosing your shoes, make sure that it is a good fit and durable enough to stand the rigors of lateral, forward and backward movements including sudden stops and skids especially when you are playing on grass and clay courts. For your choice of the right racquet there are more variables that have to be considered – racquet frame material, string pattern, size of the handle, weight, and balance are critical factors to consider to obtain the best performance results.

Choosing the right ball is also important since you absolutely need a ball that has regular bounce properties in order to learn how to play the game correctly and competitively.

Watching the videos of professional tennis players is also a necessity if you are really interested in playing the game successfully and are eager to join tournaments and competitions. Watching the pros play the game is in itself a learning experience since you can pick up really good techniques and tactics when it comes to feet position, racquet grip, strokes and their style of play. Having audio and visual aids in learning the game significantly helps in advancing any one's playing style.

Practice your strokes in front of a full length mirror so you can see yourself. This allows you to check if your feet are positioned properly, your shoulders aligned and if you are relocating your body weight correctly. Read as much as you can about the theories of tennis and its rules even before you set your feet on the court. Doing so would prepare you immensely even if you are just a beginner.

It is natural that your progress would not be as fast as you thought it would be. However, do not let your spirits and love for the game get dampened by your seemingly slow progress. All tennis players had to go through the same hardships and are rewarded when in the course of a match they discover that hard work pays off because they were able to hit the ball for a winner with the stroke that they have been practicing for days, even weeks! Being skillful at tennis is not inborn, it is the product of hundreds of nay even thousands of hours of constant practice and hard work doing the same thing over and over until it becomes second nature to you.

Learning to play tennis opens up new worlds to the player. Having a tennis racquet in your luggage when you travel easily tells everyone that you are a player and people of the same genre would certainly walk up and befriend you because of one thing in common – you play the same game! Tennis offers any individual the chance to relax, exercise, and enjoy the challenge of playing the game after a hard day's work even when on a business trip. Beside, there is no age limit to playing tennis as long as you enjoy the game.

To better enjoy the game of tennis, you should, even as a beginner, learn to concentrate and improve yourself on the following aspects of the game in order to benefit quicker.

When playing, always put your total concentration on the game, watch the ball with eagle eyes, remember to put your knowledge of foot work and weight control into any stroke you make, be a gentleman and always stay in the game mentally and physically.

Mental court presence is very important during any point in the game since your focus is always on the ball and getting it into play or putting it beyond reach of your opponent for a win. Do not let unnecessary distractions take your mind away from the enjoyment of the game and you will soon see your tennis improve!

A player who can play the game in his mind every single point will certainly win the match because of his intent focus!