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Why You Should Own a GoPro Hero Camera

27 Luglio 2023 Off

GoPro Hero Camera’s provide some of the most exciting documentation for your outdoor adventures. GoPro is one of the best brands for action cameras. They have been used to film more than 60 TV shows. I highly recommend getting one of these relatively inexpensive cameras that will make you look like a Hero every time.

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The Osprey Atmos 35: Advantages and Disadvantages

22 Luglio 2023 Off

The Osprey Atmos series of packs is known for its excellent ventilation system and is light weight. The second smallest pack in the series, the Osprey Atmos 35, has both these features and many more. It is suited to long day hikes, overnights, and even longer ultra-light trips. Though this pack has overwhelmingly positive reviews,…

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Growing Trend for Stylish Fitness Clothes

17 Luglio 2023 Off

As more people become health conscious and begin working out on a regular basis, the need for stylish fitness clothes has grown exponentially. In the past, women and men wore whatever was comfortable when they worked out. In some cases, workout clothing didn’t even match. However, recent years have brought with them a whole new…

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Your Guide to Kids Slumber Bags

15 Luglio 2023 Off

Kids, especially girls enjoy going for slumber or pajama parties. These parties are commonly held at a friend’s place, where participants or guests will stay overnight. In this case, if a rather big group of kids were to gather together, standard beds and sheets would not exactly be feasible.

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