Tennis Lessons From A Pro – Doubles Strategy and The Importance Of Choosing The Correct Partner

4 Luglio 2019 Off Di Tennis_player

What should you look for when choosing a doubles partner and had me reminiscing about partnerships I've had the past, some successful others abject failures and why they turned out as they did. This is one of those tennis lessons especially for doubles players!

I always looked for an accurate serve when choosing a doubles partner, notice I say accurate rather than powerful. Obviously both are prefer but I've found that accuracy is the more important attribute. An accurate serve allows both yourself and your partner to plan the point easily with percentages in mind.

One particular doubles strategy I had much success with was the body serve and the cross interception, this only consistently works if the server is accurate; should the ball deviate into the opponent's hit zone they have plenty of time to switch their shot. I'd still use this play with servers who are less accurate but I would ensure that they crossed and stayed on the baseline so giving us the best chance of success should the returner read the move.

We all know how vital the serve is in the modern game of tennis but an often overlooked shot; especially in doubles is the return of serve. If you can make a high percentage of returns success is becoming far more probable; there is nothing as satisfying for a server as seeing an opponent's return hit the bottom of the net or fly out the back. The returning player in doubles should be looking to play the ball back across the court 90% of the time, doing this increases percentages and avoids the high part of the net and the net-player. If an opponent is rushing the net after their serve – force them to play a volley and keep it low and at their feet.

The first volley is a very tough shot, if an opponent is constantly being forced into playing it, as the match wears on mistakes will happen. Be sure to throw in a few cheeky returns up the line – this will keep the net-player on their toes. Keep them guessing or they will be constantly crossing and intercepting. Doubles strategy is simple but so often forgotten and winning at doubles can be achieved through a combination of hard work, solid doubles strategy and taking tennis lessons from the right people.

I have found over the years that a partner's personality crucial. It is sometimes the intuitive paths of two potential partners and how they complement each other that make the difference. Winning at doubles usually comes down to which partnership [gels best. Be sure to communicate between points because it is this that enables you both to strategize and maintain the same wavelength.

It is of vital importance that both of you remains positive even when the going gets tough – avoid blaming each-other or yourself. If communication breaks down your strategy will fall apart. Play to each other's strengths and encourage each other's weaknesses; This allows not of you to perform at your full potential.

A final 'secret' tip I'll give is this; think about playing the more consistent player (in particular the most consistent returner of serve) on the advantage side of the court, this means the more solid player faces more of the 'big' points so increasing your percentages of winning.

Hope you enjoying these tennis lessons and are learning something; I look forward to welcoming you at my site at very soon, feel free to discuss this article there and add anything that comes to mind. Choosing a doubles partner needs to be thought out, if that is done properly then winning at doubles will come that much easier! ; o)