Gonne da tennis

14 Agosto 2019 Off Di Tennis_player


If you are not that keen on wearing the ubiquitous mini skirt that is being forecasted as a sure-fire fashion staple for Spring 2006, summon up your inner athlete and go with a short, pleated tennis-inspired skirt made of comfortable, wearable sweatshirt fabric instead. This fashion-forward key constituent of the preppy trend will make you look sporty chic when a casual look is in the cards.

The ‘tennis whites’ look, however, is passé. The flirty, pleated white skirt may be considered a classic in the strictest tennis circles but you could alternatively add a little punch to your sporty wardrobe by going in for some interesting fashion variations. Tennis skirts are now available in a variety of sporty colors, silhouettes and cuts, and look fabulous in soft and vibrant hues like peach, aqua, olive green and ruby ​​red.

This is a very informal sporty style, so it is best to pair tennis-inspired skirts with preppy items like the classic polo shirt or a tennis tee. Fashion critics advise not to pair it with sneakers off the court. These little skirts look great when worn with strappy wedges, Speedo sandals or even round-toed pumps.

Although fashionistas and others in the know often declare that for pleated and multi-layered skirts, the shorter the better, it is advisable to keep the length at mid-thigh and team tennis skirts with a modest sports t-shirt if you intend to wear it for a serious game of tennis. Indian player Sania Mirza was recently in the eye of a storm due to her midriff-baring tennis attire. India’s Sunni Ulema Board, a Muslim organization, issued an edict in October 2005 demanding Sania to cover up during her tennis matches, and described her tennis clothes as “un-Islamic.”