Suggerimenti per il tennis di un ex istrutto

Suggerimenti per il tennis di un ex istrutto

16 Agosto 2019 Off Di Tennis_player


Tennis may seem like a difficult game to master, but, as
with many sports, if you break down the shots you hit in
tennis into their basic forms, you will find that getting better
at tennis is not tooo difficult. What follows below is a “cheat
sheet “of sorts that will help you improve your tennis game.

GROUNDSTROKES (forehand and backhand):

1) Bring your racquet back as early as possible. Ideally, you
should have it back in a forehand or backhand position
before the ball even comes over the net.

2) As you get ready to hit the ball, make sure you are turned
to the side. A good test is to make sure you are facing the
side fence, 90 degrees from the net.

3) As you hit the ball, have your knees bent and keep your
head as still as possible, almost as if your body is on a
swivel with your head being attached to the court. And look
at the ball the whole way through the stroke.

4) You need to follow through completely on your stroke. A
good idea is to point your racquet toward where you want
the ball to go and hold it there for a second.

VOLLEYS (forehand and backhand):

1) When you are at the net, have your racquet upright and
out in front of you at all times. Dropping your racquet so that
the handle is above the head is one of the biggest mistakes
people make at the net.

2) When you hit a volley, your elbow should be tucked close
to your body and your grip should be tight. Do not not swing
at the ball. The volley is more of a punch rather than a
swing, with the wrist slightly back but firm.

3) Always volley in front of your body with the head of the
racquet above your wrist if at all possible, and watch the ball
at all times. Again, try to keep your head still.


1) It is all about the ball toss with the serve. Toss the ball to
the same spot every time, and you will have a consistent
serve. Generally, the ball should be tossed straight up so
that it lands in front of you and to your right (to your left if you
are a lefty). It helps to toss the ball using an open palm, so
the fingers don’t make the toss go one way or the other.

2) Reach UP to the serve. That is, at the highest point of the
toss, you should be pushing up from your legs to reach the
ball with your racquet. And think of the racquet as a back
scratcher as you start the service motion. The racquet
should naturally drop down behind your back as you reach
up to hit the serve.

3) Don’t try to kill the ball. As in golf and many other sports, a
smooth, clean stroke will give you all the power you need.

4) Follow through, much like a pitcher does in baseball. If
you stop the service motion the minute you hit the ball, you
will lose both power and control.

Well, that wasn’t so difficult, was it? There are plenty of other
tips, too, but these are just some of the basics that can help
you become a better tennis player. Have fun!

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