Head Flexpoint 130 Squash Racquet Review

18 Dicembre 2019 Off Di Tennis_player

Power is fantastic in squash, but only if you can handle it. Regulation of power is achievable via flexibility! Not your own flexibility, but your racquet's flexibility!

Traditional racket style and design has led to racquet's becoming stiffer and stiffer products. This has effectively increased the power of newer rackets, but this continues to be at the expense of handling. You will find that historically most rackets flex in an identical way. Which functions just fine, however the fine gents at Head decided to think outside of the box & reinvent the way in which their squash rackets flex.

Head's engineering innovation appears on the Flexpoint in the form of two elements:


The engineered holes are found at the three o'clock and the 9 o'clock positions about the frame's head. They let the racket to flex in a way distinct & much more reactive than regular means. The 2 flex holes reduce sectional stiffness by up to fifty percent!

The dimples are actually engineered to make additional flexibility through the reduction of beam height by 25%!

The string pattern of the Head Flexpoint 130 is 12/17. The very long vertical strings create much of this racquets immense power & compliments the tear drop shape of the frame. Intriguingly, the holes and dimples in the frame don't effect durability of the frame. So in effect, the correct way to produce power is with flexibility and controllability! With this combination you have a racket which will generate tough wall drives and have the capability to recreate again and again wonderful nick shots!

A few dimensions for the Head Flexpoint 130:
—– Weight: 130 grams
—– HEADSIZE: 500 sq.cm.
—– BALANCE: 33.five cm / Even

The Head Flexpoint 130 is a mid weight racquet. It is evenly balanced, though, I tend to find that it FEELS head light. I say FEEL, as this is my personal opinion. I have heard others say different. However, you wouldn't think it is head light following the effective hits that you will blast from it! However, it can be noticeable once you require speedy & accurate movements for those ever essential nick shots and front wall lobs.

It is advisable however to plump up the grip with an over-grip because the stock one which arrives with the racket does not survive very long. The white grip also appeared dirty inside about 5 minutes. Nevertheless, this isn't a big dilemma, with grips selling for generally several dollars it can be very easily fixed.

For a racquet that states to be for intermediate players, We've noticed a broad array of people use it. For beginners a possible substitute for the Head Flexpoint 130 is it's heavier brother, the Head Flexpoint 150 which is possibly a preferable selection. Whilst the Flexpoint 150 can be a little more challenging to discover for sale, the added 20 grams will make your hits far more consistent and impressive. This is a great way to learn faster & improve your self-assurance. Note that for chilrden and smaller women the 130 may perhaps however be preferable to ensure that the lighter weight doesn't tire your arms out as quick.

Intermediates and above will find the Head Flexpoint 130 an excellent hit for the money. The Flexpoint's ability to satisfy this sort of a broad array of players for the cost, and for several years now, indicates that this is really a high quality squash racket.

If you will be looking to get a novice racket to introduce you to the sport & one that will last you for a long time, this is the selection that you should make. The lower price tag also implies that the introduction to the sport is far more friendly as well!

If you are seeking to get a racket to add in your quiver as an intermediate or over, the value is still appropriate & you'll find that the Head Flexpoint 130 has the potential to outshine numerous rackets twice its selling price. It has been a crucial racket for me at moments & its power still continues to surprise me these days. It has been a great backup for me on numerous occasions.

I hope this has helped you make your racket selection less complicated. Sophisticated players will discover the Flexpoint slightly sluggish in their hands, but for everyone else you would be hard pressed to discover a greater racket for the cost.

Thanks! And continue to enjoy the game of Squash!