Sports Memorabilia!

29 Febbraio 2020 Off Di Tennis_player

We all love one sport or the other. Every one of us has a favorite sport and a sportsman, like mine is Tennis and Maria Sharapova respectively. We all long to meet our sports stars and get some or the other sort of sports memorabilia whether a signed autograph, a memento, a souvenir etc. It is a token of excellence and our love for them, which brings us closer to them. It is not the money that is important but the love and affection behind it.


The sports memorabilia are mainly of two types, namely, the used ones and the new ones. The used ones are “game used” items. These may be of a particular memorable match or when some new record was created. Such products remain a favorite of collectors, who like spending lacks and crores of money in order to get hold of them. The new souvenirs are regular items but come with a personalized signature or autograph. These personalized mementos come along with a certificate of authenticity which proves they are not fakes but signed originally by the player.


These souvenirs are of the highest importance to collectors and sports crazy people. These memorabilia remain one of the most sought after products and people go to lengths to buy them. They either take part in auctions or try to get them in the black market. These valuable, priceless items are worth the money paid by them. There have been record purchases made over the years by fans of a sport or sportsman. Also, some people get these keepsakes personally from their loved players and for them it is not for sale. It is their best token of appreciation for the fans love and affection.


The concept of memorabilia started in the beginning of 20th Century when people used to purchase baseballs and bats and used to get them signed from their favorite stars. Apart from sports memorabilia, people are also crazy about insignia from Hollywood and Pop stars. In the 1980s people used to get signed basketballs from NBA stars. The highest price paid for a soccer T-shirt is $ 224,000. It was the jersey worn by Pele, the legendary football star during the 1970 FIFA World Cup.

It was one of the most popular sports souvenirs sold and every year many such similar keepsakes are. These mementos are for the fans and matter a lot to them as it is from their favorite stars.